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If you have been affected by cancer and have an interest in influencing and improving cancer services in North Wales, you may wish to consider contributing to the North Wales Cancer Patient Forum.

We are able to offer a wide range of opportunities to ‘get involved’. We try to recognise the skills and experiences that different people will bring to the Forum.

You may simply wish to share your views on current ‘hot topics’ at our meetings. Some members choose to represent the Forum on specific cancer planning groups where they are able to bring a valuable ‘user’ viewpoint to discussions.

Even if you are unable to attend meetings, you can still contribute to the Forum by telling us Your Views of cancer care in North Wales. If you have been affected by cancer, we would like to hear about your experiences – things that worked well and things that could have been better.

For more information……..

We will be very happy to talk to you and provide the necessary information to help you decide whether you would like to contribute to the Forum. Please contact us.

You are very welcome to come along to one of our meetings and get a feel for what we do, without any commitment.

Our Welcome Booklet provides more detailed information about the Forum.

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