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Your Concerns

If you have concerns or feel unhappy with any aspect of the care provided by the NHS, you should feel able to talk to somebody. It is important that the NHS learns from the experiences of patients, friends and families, so that it can try to put things right for you and for others.

Your Care Team

As a first step, and if you feel able to do so, it may be best to talk with someone close to the cause of your concern, such as your doctor, nurse, receptionist or practice manager. It’s often possible to sort out the problem straight away.

Health Board Concerns Team

You may prefer to contact the Concerns Team for the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

Betsi Cadwaladr Community Health Council (BCCHC)

The ‘BCCHC’ is an independent ‘health watch dog’ for the NHS in North Wales. It provides information on local health services and offers confidential advice and assistance for people who have concerns or wish to make a complaint about any aspect of the NHS.

North Wales Cancer Network Advocacy Service

Cancer treatment pathways may be long and complex involving many different specialties often within different organisations. As a patient or carer you may feel the need for impartial, but informed advice that either helps you understand the treatment and care being provided, or, helps those providing the treatment and care have a better understanding of your needs as a patient or carer.

If as a patient receiving treatment in North Wales, you feel that you are not being given the information you feel you need, it is possible for you to contact the Cancer Network. We may be able to help you understand your treatment, explain how the cancer pathway works or even contact the hospital on your behalf (where the Network officers consider it appropriate).

If you have concerns about your cancer treatment, please contact the North Wales Cancer Network Advocacy Service using the contact details below:

Damian Heron
North Wales Cancer Network Director / Associate Chief of Staff Operations and Planning – Cancer, Palliative Medicine and Clinical Haematology
North Wales Cancer Network
North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre
LL18 5UJ
01745 448239

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