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£80m treatment fund to speed up access to new medicines

BBC Wales Report January 10th 2017 A "genuinely ground-breaking" £80m treatment fund has been launched by Wales' health secretary, promising speedier access to new medicines. Vaughan Gething said it would be better than the system in England and Scotland and "more...

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Welsh Government launches Cancer Delivery Plan to 2020

The Delivery Plan sets out a vision for the population of Wales and what this means for NHS cancer services. November 2016 (BBC news) In a refreshed cancer delivery plan, the Welsh Government has reaffirmed a commitment to delivering the best possible care and support...

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NHS Wales urged over cancer diagnosis change

NHS Wales can be among the world's best for cancer care if big changes are made in how quickly it is diagnosed, says an international expert. Wales and the other UK nations have some of the worst cancer survival rates in the developed world and this may be due in part...

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Cross border services – clearer patient information

Back in March 2015 a group of MPs expressed concerns that patients in Wales living near the border with England face "a worrying lack of information" about the impact of policy differences on their healthcare with confusion about the growing differences since...

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Dewis Cymru – a website for the people of Wales

On September 28th 2015 Dewis Cymru went live in North Wales and will soon be available to people across the nation. Dewis Cymru is a website designed to help people find information about many aspects of well being and has the advantage of bringing together a wide...

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Cancer survival rates in Wales continue to improve

More people are being diagnosed with cancer in Wales, but more people than ever are being treated and survival rates are at an all-time high, a new report about cancer care shows. Wednesday 20 January 2016 The fourth all-Wales annual report for cancer sets out the...

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