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Help & Support

help and supportMedical and nursing teams are there to provide the care needed to cope with the effects of cancer and cancer treatment. However there is a wide range of additional information and support available that can help you manage the practical, physical and emotional impact of being affected by cancer – as a patient, friend or family member.

This section includes details of organisations in North Wales offering various types of help and support.

Macmillan information & support centres

North Wales has a number of hospital based and library based Macmillan Information and Support Centres which offer free, confidential information and support to everyone. Read more….

Support groups

North Wales has a range of established cancer self help and support groups offering the opportunity to meet with people who may share similar experiences. This section includes a directory of support groups in North Wales. Read more…

Voluntary services

The six counties in North Wales each have a Voluntary Services Council which represent a valuable source of information about the many and diverse sources of local support and well-being opportunities provided within the voluntary sector. Read more…

Hospice day units

The range of services provided by hospices has increased greatly over recent years. Hospices are no longer just for the last days of life and in North Wales they offer a wide range of support services, often alongside active treatment for cancer and other conditions. Nursing staff and volunteers work to create a warm welcoming environment where patients can enjoy good company, refreshments, complementary therapies and much more. Read more….

Support for carers

If you are caring for somebody affected by cancer, as a partner, relative or friend, there are many organisations that are able to offer practical help and emotional support, if you need it. You do not have to cope alone. Read more…

Support for older people

If you are an older person affected by cancer, either as a patient or carer, then you may have particular needs for some extra help at home. In this section we provide details of some organisations which offer additional help and support for people who are over 55 years. Read more…

Support with young children

A cancer diagnosis will inevitably have a big impact on family life. Particular issues – both emotional and practical – can arise for young children / teenagers who have a close family member affected by cancer. Read more….

Help at home

In this section we provide details of local organisations that can help with some of the practical issues that can arise at home both during and after cancer treatment. Read more…

Money and benefits

There are many benefits available to people affected by cancer. This section provides signposting to local and online sources of advice and support with regard the financial impact of cancer. Read more…

Transport and travel

Transport can be a particular concern for families affected by cancer due to the distances that may need to be covered during treatment. In this section we provide basic details for hospital transport services, community transport schemes, public transport and other travel related information which may prove useful. Read more…

National support

This section provides a directory (alphabetically ordered) of the main national cancer information and support organisations. Many are specific to a particular type of cancer. Some are more general and provide information about a wide range of cancers, cancer treatments, sources of support, current research etc. Read more…